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The Patch App & Go Continuity Tester and Cable Tracer is the one man device powered by any mobile device running on android or IOS. After downloading the app to your device, testing or tracing 4 pair Lan cables becomes a quick and easy process. Each Tester is supplied with 6 Smart Remote Plugs (with the option of buying more) which are individual programmed with numbers from 1 to 6. As you test the Patch App & Go will visually display a pass or fail, as well as confirming the unique ID of the smart plug currently being tested.
Patch App in action on mobile device

Patch App & Go Continuity Tester

The Patch App & Go Continuity Tester is suitable for testing Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6, unshielded and shielded network cables. As the device performs each test the results will appear as a pass or fail on your mobile device. The app will visually display the fault when a fail is detected. Patch App & Go will Instantly identify wiremap errors such as mis-wires, split pairs, shorts and open ends.

Patch App & Go Cable Tracer

Tracing unidentified network cables has also been made simple with Patch App & Go. By inserting the Smart Remote Plugs into the ports of a Patch Panel, Patch App & Go will send a trace through the cable to the uniquely numbered Smart Remote Plug, notifying the user of plugs ID, allowing the user to correctly label the link.

Patch App & Go Saves Time & Money

Patch App & Go Continuity Tester eliminates the need and additional expense of having two men on site to carry out testing, or the time consuming method of testing by yourself. Test up to 24 ports in quick succession before having to relocate your Smart Remote Plugs.
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“Great tool for testing multiple data points and gives a great PDF that the customers love, nice easy to use and well worth the money on time saved running back and forth to the patch panel to move my old single tester.”


“Great device, very easy to use and has saved loads of time testing. The sending of PDF reports is a great feature, well worth the money.”

” Really great product. Super easy to use and an excellent idea “

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