1. Apple: 

    Patch App & Go is compatible with any iPhone and iPod running on iOS 11 and higher. (iPhone 5S and more recent, iPod touch 6th generation and more recent).


    Patch App & Go is compatible with any Android phone running on Android 5.0 or higher.

  1. Plug the supplied USB charging cable into any 3 Pin plug adapter. 
  2. Plug the small USB connector into your master unit. 
  3. The red & green LED’s will stay solid whilst charging 
  4. Your T1 Dongle is fully charged when the red LED goes off & green LED is solid

Yes, the master unit and plugs come with a one year warranty from the date the device is registered. The warranty does not cover damage to blown circuits caused by connecting to PoE devices. Broken latches on the Remote Plugs are not covered

No! The Patch App & Go Tester must not be used on links connected to a PoE devices. 

Yes, you can buy additional plugs in packs of 6 through your distributor or via the shop.

Yes, the Smart Remote Plugs are sold in packs of 6. You can purchase the following pre programmed packs: 7-12, 13-18, 19-24. Higher numbers are available upon request. 

You can reset your T1 Dongle by gently pushing a paper clip into the small hole located next to the USB port.

The battery is fully charged when the green LED stays solid green.

About 2 hours depending on the size of the power pack used. The initial charge may take a bit longer.

You’ve been warned about this! Not much really except to buy a new one.

Yes, Multiple Test allows you to save your results, generate a PDF report and email it.

Yes, download the Patch App & Go App onto any phone Smart Phone and log into your account, using the email address & password that you used when you originally registered your device.

Yes, Patch App & Go can test UTP & FTP Cables. The results will show if the shield is connected or not.

No, but the next generation tester will include a TDR which will locate any faults to their exact location.

In December 2018 Google introduced a new permissions policy which would not allow developers apps to access the users call log, sms or any other form of communication. As a result, we had no choice but to remove this function for all android devices via a software update….Thanks Googl

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“Great tool for testing multiple data points and gives a great PDF that the customers love, nice easy to use and well worth the money on time saved running back and forth to the patch panel to move my old single tester.”


“Great device, very easy to use and has saved loads of time testing. The sending of PDF reports is a great feature, well worth the money.”

” Really great product. Super easy to use and an excellent idea “

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