How to use.

Patch App & Go is literraly ready to go out of the box….Simply charge it, pair it to your smart phone and………GO! The below steps provide you with all the info you need to use your device.
  1. On your Phone, download the Patch App & Go app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store
  2. Fully charge the T1 Dongle 
  3. Power up the T1 Dongle by pressing the power button on the side for 3-5 seconds
  4. Pair your phone to the T1 Dongle
  1. Plug the supplied USB charging cable into any 3 Pin plug adapter. 
  2. Plug the small USB connector into your master unit. 
  3. The red & green LED’s will stay solid whilst charging 
  4. Your T1 Dongle is fully charged when the red LED goes off & green LED is solid

When you launch the App, it will ask you to connect to the T1 Dongle.

  1. Turn on the T1 Dongle by pressing the power button for 3 seconds
  2. The main LED will flash red & green
  3. Launch the App which will prompt you to connect to the T1 Dongle
  4. Select Pacth App & Go T1

Your T1 Dongle should now be paired with your phone and ready to use.

⚠ Prior to testing, please ensure that there no Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices plugged into the network you are about to test. Blowing your T1 or Remote Plugs are not covered under the warranty ⚠ 

The Patch App & Go T1 has two modes for testing you data cabling system, Multiple Test & Quick Test.

Multiple Test Mode should be selected if you want to carry out multiple tests and save the results. When testing is complete, you can view all results on a single report and email it to yourself for printing at a later stage. (This is useful should you wish to submit the report to your client at completion of your installation).

Quick Test Mode allows you to test a single outlet or continuously test multiple outlets without having to save the results. This option is suitable if you do not require a test report at completion and just want to carry out your testing quickly.

We recommend the following method when using the Patch App & Go T1 for testing.

  1. Launch the Patch App & Go App on your smart phone
  2. Your phone will ask you to connect to the T1 Dongle. Press Select
  3. Select your testing method, Multiple Test or Quick Test
  4. Complete the site set up in the App
  5. Insert your Smart Remote Plugs into the ports of your patch panel in numerical order
  6. Take your T1 Dongle and insert the RJ45 Plug into the first wall socket that you want to test
  7. Press “Test” and wait for the result to be displayed on your phone
  8. if you get a “Pass”, press “Save & Test the next port”
  9. if you get a “Fail”, you can either “Fix Now & Test Again” or Save & Test Next Port”

After you have tested all ports, you can view your results, address any failed ports, view the PDF Test Report & email it to yourself or your customer.

Each Smart Remote Plug is programmed and labeled with its own unique number 1-6. Additional Smart Remote Plugs are available to purchase in packs of 6. They can be programmed and labeled with subsequent numbers. 7-12, 13-18, 19-24 and so on.

  1. Launch the Patch App & Go app and select Trace 
  2. Plug as many Smart Remote Plugs as you have available into the wall outlets/patch panel sockets (In numerical order)
  3. Go to where the corresponding wall outlets/patch panel are located
  4. Insert the RJ45 Plug on the T1 Dongle into the first wall outlet/patch panel socket and press TRACE

When a trace is found, a flashing LED on the Smart Remote Plug will identify which of corresponding sockets the Plug is plugged in to. The app will also tell you the number of the Smart Remote Plug that it has found.

You can reset your T1 Dongle by gently pushing a paper clip sized pin into the small hole located next to the USB port.

Visit our Video section to view Patch App & Go in use or our FAQ page for any questions that you need answering.

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“Great tool for testing multiple data points and gives a great PDF that the customers love, nice easy to use and well worth the money on time saved running back and forth to the patch panel to move my old single tester.”


“Great device, very easy to use and has saved loads of time testing. The sending of PDF reports is a great feature, well worth the money.”

” Really great product. Super easy to use and an excellent idea “

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