if you are experiencing any issues with your Patch App & Go Tester or the App, you may be able to find a solution or answer to the problem here. if not, please use the Contact Us page Report a Bug page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.
  1. You need to have purchased the Patch App & Go Tester and have the T1 Dongle turned on. Once the T1 Dongle is turned on, it will appear on your phone, allowing you to connect to it by bluetooth. You will now be able to use all functions on the App.

    You can purchase your Patch App & Go Tester from our Online Shop or one of Distributors.

  1. Do not let your phone autofill your email address, as it sometimes inserts a space at the end.

Reset your T1 Dongle by gently pushing a paper clip sized pin into the small hole next to the USB port

This would suggest that the pins on RJ45 socket that you are testing could be faulty. Try inserting the same Smart Remote Plug into another RJ45 socket (that you know is good). If the Smart Remote Plug consistently passes in this socket but still sometimes fails in the problematic socket, then this would suggest the RJ45 socket is indeed faulty.

Our server provider may be experiencing server issues. Please drop us a quick email using the contact us page, to allow us to inform our provider.

You can reset your T1 Dongle by gently pushing a paper clip sized pin into the small hole located next to the USB port.

If you have the app installed on an Android device and are using Outlook as your preferred email client, you may experience the PDF test report not being transferred over from the app to your email account. This is something that is beyond our control and something that Microsoft has implemented in their settings. The solution to this is to choose your Gmail email client for sending test reports.

The start ID allows you to use your own numbering system when doing a multiple test. There are some limitations regarding how you format the start ID. The system is designed to accept alphanumerical characters or just numbers alone. The system will not allow numbers between special character, such as a “-” or “/”. You can’t use the following examples: “CAB1/01 or CAB/1/01”. You can use the following: “CABONE/01”,  “CAB/ONE/01” or “1”

Visit our Video section to view Patch App & Go in use or our FAQ page for any questions that you need answering.
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“Great tool for testing multiple data points and gives a great PDF that the customers love, nice easy to use and well worth the money on time saved running back and forth to the patch panel to move my old single tester.”


“Great device, very easy to use and has saved loads of time testing. The sending of PDF reports is a great feature, well worth the money.”

” Really great product. Super easy to use and an excellent idea “

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