Apply for Go Xtra Warranty


If you would like to purchase the Patch App & Go Xtra Warranty 48 hours after you purchased your Patch App & Go Tester, you will be required to follow the below procedure.

You will be required to provide proof that your Patch App & Go Tester and Smart Remote Plugs are free from defects or damage.

The following procedure can be done on your mobile devise or computer.

  1. Ensure that you have already registered your device
  2. Take a close up pictures of all of your Smart Remote Plugs together as shown below
  3. Take a close up photo of your T1 Dongle as shown below
  4. click on the free WeTransfer link 
  5. Tap on the “Add your files”
  6. Select the photos that you want to add
  7. Type in the following email address into the “Email to” field
  8. Type in your email address into the “Your email” field
  9. In the “Message field” include your Patch App & Go serial number and date of purchase
  10. Press “Transfer”